Annie Lin

Sep 18

No, U2’s new secret Apple music format won’t “save music”

Sep 17

Defining "the public" in copyright disputes

Pandora Strikes US Licensing Deal With BMG

Sep 12

“The estate of Duke Ellington is hoping to resurrect a royalties lawsuit against EMI Music Publishing, now controlled by Sony/ATV of course, after judges in lower courts sided with the music company in the legal dispute. The lawsuit being led by Ellington’s grandson first emerged in 2010, and centres on a common bone of contention in artist and songwriter circles, what happens to royalties as they move between a big music firm’s global subsidiaries and the division to which the creator is directly signed. It’s common practice for each subsidiary to take a commission, with the artist getting their percentage cut only of the monies that reach their home division.” — Duke Ellington family calls for royalties lawsuit against EMI to be reinstated

“OK Go claim that Apple have plagiarised one of their ‘viral’ pop videos (no, not the one with the treadmills), in this case ‘The Writing’s On The Wall’, in a new Apple ad titled ‘Perspective’, which was premiered earlier this week at the tech giant’s big iPhone/iWatch/iNexplicable U2 LP reveal. By odd and very relevant coincidence, OK Go met with Apple back in April to pitch them a promo idea, with the intention that it might be made via a collaborative band-brand alliance. Whilst Apple opted not to work with the band in the end, it did later hire the creative team behind their ‘TWOTW’ video to make its own promotional clip.” — OK Go not okay with Apple copycat clip