Annie Lin

Oct 01

Jointly Editable Online Document Doesn’t Provide Evidence of Contract Formation

“The ‘Poker Face’ hitmaker - who was sued by Chicago-based musician Rebecca Francescatti for allegedly copying her 1999 song ‘Juda’ in her 2011 track ‘Judas’ - has filed papers claiming back close to $1.4 million that she paid her lawyers over the course of the three year case.
In the papers obtained by, Gaga, 28, has requested Rebecca foot the staggering bill after a judge dismissed the case on the grounds that the two songs were ”not substantially similar” earlier this year.” — Lady Gaga claims $1.4m from plagiarism lawsuit

“What do you get when you replace the original dialogue from classic Peanuts comic strips with lyrics from songs by the beloved British indie-rock band The Smiths? A wry and clever blog that a major record company tries to shut down.” — Copyright law and This Charming Charlie

Sep 30

Grooveshark dealt a blow in label lawsuit number two

“On Friday, the new Apple subsidiary filed a false advertising and unfair competition lawsuit against Steve Lamar for holding himself out to be a co-founder of the headphones company alongside Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine.” — Apple Suing Headphones Entrepreneur for Claiming to Be a Beats Co-Founder