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Senior Counsel, Loudr ( Co-Founder SF Mixtape Society. Former Film/TV Music Supervisor. Former Touring Musician/Rocker. Noisemaker.

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Judge Alvin Hellerstein found ‘Loca’ is ‘an illegal copy’ of a 1998 song called ‘Loca con su Tiguere’ by a Dominican songwriter named Ramon Arias Vasquez.
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit found a restaurant owner personally liable where the restaurant played recorded and live music without authorization, and further found that the Copyright Act can impose vicarious liability.
If everyone signs up for streaming subscription services and spends at least $120/yr on recorded music (12 months at $10/month), then that’s nearly THREE TIMES as much in the pot for the industry to share, and that doesn’t include the amount that fans are increasingly spending on deluxe products like vinyl. Not to mention that fact that independent labels and artists seem to over-index on the streaming services because of a willingness for consumers to experiment as well as passive listening from playlists and algorithm based radio stations (by way of example, INgrooves Music Group’s market share on Spotify in the US is nearly double what it is on Soundscan, which only tracks physical and download sales).
The title of a one-hour special on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) debuting Saturday night has got a producer working with a chicken wing entrepreneur steaming hot. OWN’s show is titled Wingmen and features two best friends from Columbia, South Carolina and their small-town food truck business selling stuffed chicken wings. This has prompted a trademark lawsuit from Rags to Rick Productions, which is involved in an online reality TV show titled Wing-Men featuring the life of Rick Smiciklas, described “an entrepreneur with little to his name when he opened his first chicken wing restaurant in 1999, who now owns a chain of chicken wing restaurants with over 100 locations.”